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    “CPA” is a modern, dynamic, independent and recognized law firm in Lisbon, Portugal

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Carneiro Pacheco e Associados

Our Clients are demanding, and rightly so. We are renowned for the quality of the service that we provide, as well as for our rigor and professionalism. Working closely with our Clients we aim at innovative and efficient legal solutions to complex problems. Our goal is to achieve excellence in every task we undertake.

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Areas of Pratice

  • Commercial and Corporate

    CPA provides ongoing legal advisory services in the area of corporate and commercial law, covering a significant group of sectors of activity in which its customers exercise their activity.

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  • Litigation

    This practice area has a team of lawyers with substantial experience in forensic advocacy, representing national and foreign Clients before a great variety of types of jurisdictions, national and international, covering, in particular, commercial law, corporate law, civil law and regulatory offence law.

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  • Labour

    CPA has great experience in all aspects of Labour Law basing all its activity on regular consultancy services to companies.

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  • New areas of pratice

    CPA as been developing new surpluses with specific incidence in the following domains: Technology transference agreements, International trade, Consumer Law, Informatics Law.

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Lawyers and Partners


Each of the founding members answers for specific firm working areas.
To answer Clients increasing needs, the firm has been growing, counting five lawyers.

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