This practice area has a team of lawyers with substantial experience in forensic advocacy, representing national and foreign Clients before a great variety of types of jurisdictions, national and international, covering, in particular, commercial law, corporate law, civil law and regulatory offence law.

Based on its acquired experience, CPA has developed its own procedures for control and information provisioning to Clients on pending legal actions.

Activity in this area is, amongst other, mainly incident on:

– Contractual and ex-contractual civil liability;
– Corporate disputes, including those arising from the signing, interpretation, implementation and termination of shareholders agreements, corporate and partners’ obligations relative to forms of corporate groups, such as supplementary corporate agreements and consortiums;
– Disputes resulting from implementation or termination of commercial relations, especially in contracts related to distribution, agency, commercial representation, supply, franchising, provision of services, concession and public-private partnerships;
– Liability of the different types of economic operators;
– Legal action relative to property, in particular on disputes arising from implementation and termination of rental contracts, promissory contracts of purchase and sale, termination of operation, provision of real estate services, as well as on encumbrances, co-ownership regimes, possessory actions, claims on property rights and protective orders (oppositions, restitution and seizure);
– Disputes in the context of civil law, namely division of property, inventories and inheritances;
– Credit recovery, including protective orders, injunctions, and all other legal actions;
– Debt collection for realization of credit guarantees (pledged property, mortgage, insurance bond, bank guarantee);
– Cases of insolvency (winding up), including cases of culpable insolvency and bankruptcy fraud;
– Economic penal law, including corporate liability and the personal liability of managers, directors or other representatives of corporate bodies;
– Regulatory offences, in particular infractions of economic nature or of commercial, industrial or environmental and transportation and road law practices.