Commercial and Corporate

CPA provides ongoing legal advisory services in the area of corporate and commercial law, covering a significant group of sectors of activity in which its customers exercise their activity.

This area is worked by a group of lawyers with substantial experience and who are integrated in multidisciplinary teams namely financial, taxation, labour and real estate, thus allowing CPA to provide a global service with a high degree of efficiency.

CPA aims at providing an effective response to the different types of Client requests, acting, whenever possible with the direct intervention or under the effective coordination of the Partners responsible for the department.

CPA has longstanding experience involving international groups. CPA has participated in the following operations:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) / Restructuring:

    – Mergers;
    – Due Diligences
    – Restructuring of companies;
    – Demergers;
    – Purchase and sale of companies (corporate holdings and assets);
    – Risk Capital (Management Buy-outs and Leverage Buy-outs).

  • Corporate and Commercial Contracting:

    – Company constitution;
    – Statutory alterations;
    – Increase / Decrease of share capital;
    – Transformation of companies;
    – Shareholders Agreements;
    – Commercial contracts, particularly in contracts for Agency, Distribution, Franchising, Termination of Operation, Technical Assistance, Management, Transmission of Assets, Supply, Provision of Services;
    – Negotiation and definition of the contractual framework of forms of Commercial Partnerships and Groups of Companies, namely consortiums, joint-ventures and ACE;
    – Permanent advisory services to companies;
    – Advisory in negotiation;

  • Insolvency, dissolution and liquidation of companies:

    – Insolvency (winding up);
    – Impugnation and recognition of credits;
    – Dissolution and liquidation of companies (winding down).