Real Estate

CPA has a longstanding and vast experience in the area of Real Estate. CPA is committed to understanding the needs and objectives of its Clients, aimed at offering an integrated service, simultaneously covering legal, real estate, operational, administrative, environmental, tax-related and urban aspects, over all stages of real estate, urban, contract work, construction or concession activities or projects.

CPA’s activities in this area specially cover:

– Advisory services for the preparation and negotiation of purchase and sale, rental, financial leasing, forms of encumbrance and financing of property and sale and rental with buyer’s option;

– Undertaking of real estate promotion and management of property, the object of which are residential areas, offices and commerce;

– Legal advisory services for the constitution of real estate investment funds and management companies of real estate funds;

– Financial structuring of real estate promotions and contractual guarantees;

– Advisory and negotiation services on forms of project financing;

– Forms of remuneration of real estate promotions;

– Acquisitions and operations for the constitution of horizontal property and condominiums;

– Negotiation and preparation of project-finance, contract works, association in partnership, joint-ventures, consortiums and other forms of groups of real estate operators;

– Urban licensing;

– Follow-up and consultancy in the context of public tenders;

– Forms of operation and concession of real estate in the public domain and private domain of the State.

This practice area benefits from the direct intervention of various lawyers specialized in real estate and ongoing collaboration of other CPA practice areas namely Corporate, Tax and Public Law.